Well I just woke up at 530am

Took pill half 9am.

Worst sleep! Just under 6 hours and it was broken sleep at that. 

In saying that, even though i havent slept much, I feel like I’ve had 8 shots of coffee, and not the nervous awake feeling to go with it, just beaming awake where I could go for  a run! 

No, I didn’t go for a run. 

So I have spent the day cleaning the entire house. I feel fresh today. Which is a good feeling. 

Still getting those waves of goosbumps and full body tingling every 30 minutes or so. Again, they are sort of pleasant. 

I haven’t had any anxiety at all today. Feels good. 

So from about 3pm this afternoon I’ve started to feel zoned out and wired. My eyes are wide open and I can’t relax them. Even my husband said I seem zoned out. I wouldn’t completely say anxiety but it is concerning me a little. I’m a little unable to relax. I’m sure this will eventually pass once I adjust. Gosh, to think I have to double my dose as of next weekend… 

Continued to feel “wired” (eyes look wide open in the mirror) all evening and got a headache at 7pm which is still slightly there at 9pm now.


Took 2mg night time pill. 

Ate a packet of popcorn and it tasted “fishy”. I know that’s not possible, therfore I’ve had a change in taste. Also, drinking water tastes sort of like as if it had soap in it. Not to mention the constant metal taste in my mouth. Yuck.