Took pill 9:30am empty stomach but had toast 20 minutes later.

I have 4mg tablets that are supposed to be taken 4mg in the morning and 4mg at night, but Dr has said to start with one, halve it and have 2mg AM and 2mg PM. 

I’ll probably do this for the first week. Or maybe 2 depending on how I cope with side effects. 

Here goes !!! 


 Only half hour into my first med and I feel suddenly sluggish and seedy. Like I’ve taken a mild sedative.  Actually it feels exactly like I’ve taken a codeine! 

Full body tingling that doesn’t go away when I rub the tingles. Goosebumps head to toe. I don’t necessarily hate it. Slightly odd. (It’s a very hot summer day here in Australia – definitely not temperature related). 


 chest pains in central chest. Kind of like a squeezing pain. I’ve experienced chest pain with anxiety in the past, this feel different again though.Perhaps it’s trapped gas. Heart rate is 77bpm while I’m laying down in bed. (I wear a fitbit HR that reads my heart rate). Full body waves of tingling still has not stopped. It’s been continuous since it started. 

I also have a strong metallic taste in my mouth and my mouth is so dry and pasty. I also feel slightly nauseous and just unwell and zombie like in general. Awful really. These side effects are so Rapid.  


I’ve and nasal congestion since I was 12 years old  (that I can remember ). It’s like I’ve taken pseudoephedrine or some kind of nasal decongestant!! Cool!! I’m liking this med more and more already. 

I also keep getting these little waves of almost a euphoric feeling and feelings of loviness. That only last seconds to a minute or so. I really like the feeling of it though. 

Took second 2mg tablets for the day. This shall be an interesting night…well I hope not.