Took pill 9am

Had 6 hours sleep all night and it was extremely broken. Woke up at 4am and couldn’t sleep for 45 minutes but fell back asleep and woke at 6:50am and had to force myself out of bed to get through kids ready for school. As soon as I got out of bed and went to the toilet I could feel my heart beating hard. I checked my fitbit and it said my HR was 107 bpm just sitting. That’s a little unusually high.  I’ve felt dizziness and off balance most of the morning. I drove the kids to school today for the first time on this medication. I felt fine driving.  

I’m sitting on the couch watching TV – nothing strenuous and my HR is 95 bpm which feels uncomfortable. I feel sluggish and dehydrated, although I have had a massive glass of water and a cup of tea. 

Still getting those whole body tingly goosebumps every 30 minutes or so. Weird. 


Laying in bed, sweating, heart racing, feeling exhausted, and I have anxiety because I feel so unwell- it concerns me. 

I kind of feel out of breath, I think because my heart is beating fast that it’s not efficiently pumping blood or oxygen around my body. It’s just me with my 2 year old baby today, so this is really hard to look after her in this moment. 

Sorry for tmi, but just had bowel urgency and semi diarrhea- could be because I’m anxious and not the med.

 I have this hot feeling all the way aground my torso and chest. Like warm tingles. It feels different to the other tingly feeling I’ve been referring to the last couple of days. 

Everytime I stand up, my heart pounds hard and my vision almost greys out. Almost like I’m going to faint (orthostatic hypotension). I really hope these are only temp symptoms. 

As for focus and attention, no improvement, seems worse at this point. 

As for anxiety. Hasn’t gotten better or worse. 

As for depression. No change yet.

Took my second pill at 9pm.

Had intercourse . It was weird. Orgasm I mean. It was so strange feeling. Not very good…