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I started taking 25mgs 3 days ago.

For the first 2 days of 25 mgs I felt very sleepy during the day. Didnt move off the couch. 

I havent noticed any increase in focus yet. More of a decline in focus, even worse than usual, but i remember this at the beginning of strattera last time also. 
I also took a sleeping pill last night which made me even more “dopey”  today with a chemical hangover. And also my distraction is so bad. I go from one tast to the next to the next and forget about the last and again to a new one. Just writting this short piece on wordpress right now ive checked facebook twice, replied to a message and opened my calendar to input an event. Lol. Not even kidding. 

As for side effects, Ive had 3 hot flushes today, 2 lots of full body head to toe goosebumps and slight anxiety.  

My focus when driving is still so bad. I go into daydreams while driving every 2 minutes or so. Its so annoying.  I almost cannot snap out of them so I do worry I will crash one day. I dont drive on highways anymore for fear I will crash. 

Anyways. Thats all for today. 


Took pill 10:09am.

11am – feeling extremely tired. 

Various areas of tingling around my body throughout the morning so far. I kind of want to sleep but i doubt my 2 year old will allow that. 

130pm – feeling so chilled out and calm. Like being mildly stoned. Feels good. 

Took pill at 8:51am.

Cant really report much side effects for today. Just the occasional sleepiness. Nothing much more. Mayve some tingling around the body. Thats all. 

Just took first 10mg at 9:11am.

Finally, I have given in to the price and am going to pay for strattera. You cant put a price on normality. Although im a little anxious for the start up side effects, which last time consisted of worse concentration, drowsiness, panic attacks, sweats and more, i know that it is worth it in the long run. All those side effects will have dissapeared in a few weeks and i will feel normal again. I cant wait to feel anxiety free one day soon.  Im going to update my symptoms on here for my own personal diary, but at the same time anyone can read them and might find some comfort if they too are just starting Strattera. 


Todays first day on strattera seemed so different to my first blog last time i started strattera. 

I started the same 10mg dosage, but this time i didnt sleep all afternoon. I felt slightly sleepy 3 hours after taking it, along with the goosebumps all over body like reboxetine caused. Then later in the night i started to get tingling and itching and a crawling skin sensation all over my entire body. I didnt experience this last time either. Then in bed, every time i closed my eyes id have extreme panic and anxiety. Way stronger anxiety than i usually ever get on a normal day. I was terrified.  While laying in bed all i could think of is “omg im going to die, im havinga stroke or something… im never taking this again”. 

What a surprise to experience such a different set of side effects from the same dose and drug ive been on before.

Reboxetine did really nothing from my concentration.  

Helped heaps with motivation. 

Improved my depression by 60%

and I would have stayed on it if it weren’t for one ‘incompatible with life’ side effect. INSOMNIA.  A few days after my last post, I ‘WOKE UP’. I mean, I had so much energy and I did not sleep more than  3 hours per night, and that’s not even exaggerating. It was the worst thing laying in bed feeling wired and wide awake for the entire duration of the night bar 3 measly hours. There were also 3 episodes where i did 24 – 48 hours awake with no sleep in between. That was absolutely horrendous when you are a mother of 3. I’ve never been so effected by insomnia in my life. Just awful. 

For those wondering if Strattera  (atomoxetine) and edronax (Reboxetine)

Work the same? My answer is NO WAY!. 

Strattera helped immensely with concentration, motivation, mood, attention to detail etc. Whereas reboxetine actually made my concentration worse. But motivation was good. My mood was definitely improved. It certainly helped my depression without a doubt. 

Strattera is still without a doubt, hands down my miracle drug. 

After putting myself through this just to save money, Ive have decided to bite the bullet and buy Strattera at full cost. 

I want to go back and study, and that would have been impossible with no sleep from reboxetine. 

I have booked an appointment with a psychiatrist for 2 weeks time and will be getting a new script for Strattera. I’m so excited to get my life back on track. I’m going on Strattera and I’ve decided I’m never coming back off it ever again.  

I will be back to post about my strattera “take 2” and if it works as well as it did for me the first time or not for my study.

Until then, take care =)

So I haven’t reported on symptoms for a few days because ive been busy with medical issues. Had to have and endoscopy for other non-reboxetine related issues. 

I feel awful. 

My heart rate is always so high.  I went from having a resting heartrate in mid 60s to now every night mid 80s to 90bpm. I’m laying on the couch right now feeling awful. My heart is 110bpm. 

I am having headaches most days, and keep getting these gittery attacks where I feel weak, shakey, sweaty and just generally yuck.  These attacks seem to be happening more and more. I also feel really really sluggish every single day. It seems to be getting worse. 

Taste :  the only food i like it’s chocolate. Everything else tastes disgusting. Steak =revolting, burgers =revolting, salmon =revolting, pizza =revolting,  mcdonalds =revolting…. EVERYTHING TASTES FISHY! it’s so weird. I still force my L self to eat it. I just don’t enjoy anything. 

As for depression, it’s not as bad as it was and I’m more motivated despite feeling sluggish, but in saying that, if these side effects don’t ease, especially the fast heart rate, I will have to stop Reboxetine. I literally feel so unwell. The exhaustion from your heart beating so hard all the time is too much. I really feel like ive constantly just ran a marathon. And everytime I stand up I feel so dizzy and faintness. The last few days the real foggy zoned out weird feeling is really bad. I feel like I’m in a dream – vision wise, but intellectually i know I’m not in a dream. Just in a state of head fog. 

I remember a few odd side effects and foggy feelings after starting strattera, but I don’t ever remember feeling as awful as this. This is just rotten. I feel so I’ll like I’m taking poison. I’ll give this med to the 8 weeks mark. If the side effects aren’t gone by then, I will stop this med and wait for strattera to lose its patent and some other company to make it. 

Adhd: NO noticeable improvements.  Attention to details etc is still very bad. Still finding it hard to follow conversations. 

Anxiety: it seems to be worse because these physical side effects really concern me. 

It’s weird because some days I feel a million dollars. But most days I feel like this. 

10:30 pm. Was just sitting here trying to articulate how I feel, and I would liken the side effects to being something like being poisoned slowly, by like arsenic or something like that. THAT’S how bad I am physically feeling. 

Headache most of the day. Still high heart rate and dizziness standing up. Some mild anxiety.