So today I woke up and felt great! I felt awesome until about 10am (an hour after  my pill). Now lethargic again. So sluggish.  Heartrate currently 101bpm while sitting on the couch. Greyed out vision when I stand up. I wonder if these side effects will settle? I can handle most side effects, but feeling a heavy heartrate and dizziness when I stand isn’t good. It’s exhausting.  

Appart from being tired. My mood is good. I feel content. 

No adhd improvement.  

Mild anxiety today.  Mostly about the heartrate and feeling tired. 


So after being kept up for hours last night by the neighbours who weren’t home – dog that was barking. I managed to sleep in until 8:50am. That’s the latest I’ve slept since starting this med. I also still woke up multiple times through the night. 

Today I’ve felt so lethargic. It’s like I’ve reverted back to the sleepy stage when first starting this med. I guess I keep having good energy and bad energy days. I’m so exhausted right now, and have had those weird all over body tingle goosebumps again. Will this medication ever level out? Probably doesn’t help with the drinking I did the other night. So silly of me. 

I’ve had this weird chemical smell coming from inside my nose all day. It’s there constantly.  It’s really bothering. 

I have heaps of congestion still. Not sure if it’s med related or just my shitty sinuses. 

I have felt zoned out today. Attention is poor. Finding it hard to stay organised and stay on task. And I had some anxiety this afternoon too.  

Not much more to report other than constipation. 

Today I was in a good mood for most of the day. Actually, a really good mood, and actually felt really happy, bubbly and energetic despite the fact I drank a lot last night. I don’t want to make drinking a regular occurance though because all through the night i woke up having my negative thoughts again. (What happened to the head cold and scratchy throat I thought i had coming on?!) I had a really bad night sleep because even though I drank heaps, they were cola and rum so the caffiene didn’t help the insomnia effects this medication causes. All up I got 6 hours or broken sleep. 

I really am not nothing any ADHD improvements. 

And my appetite is getting worse. I can’t stop eating junk and am putting on weight! Damn. 

My heart rate on this med is still really inappropriate for the most part. Averaging around 110 bpm!! Even while sitting. And the standing up and feeling like fainting is a bit annoying. 

That’s all for today. 

So today I woke up with a head cold in the middle of summer. Yay. =(


I guess this is why I have had headaches since yesterday. 

Not much to report on reboxetine side effects. Although the I am experiencing the “dreamlike ” feeling like was on Strattera at the start. That went away on Strattera after after couple of weeks. 

ADHD: No noticeable improvements. 

Depression: definitely a difference as of last couple of days. It’s hard to notice big changes because it’s so gradual, but I don’t feel as in a deep dark mental hole as I did. My thoughts of negativity and guilt would spiral downward and out of control, but now when I start to have a negative thought, it suddenly just “cuts off” kind of hard to describe, but it’s just like I forget the negative thought all of a sudden and start thinking about different things. I don’t try to do this. It just happens. Weird. I’ve never experienced this on any other antidepressent before. They were all SEROTONIN meds and I guess because this one is NORADRENALINE, I guess it makes all the difference.  I really must lack that noradrenaline chemical a bunch. I never felt my mood lift on the serotonin meds. 

As for anxiety. Haven’t experienced that in a few days.

11:30pm: Probably not the best thing to do when you are sick with a cold…..drank 9 rum and cokes over the course of 4 hours. Going to not sleep from all the coke caffiene and going to feel unwell tomorrow. Yay me. I’m so stupid! 

Insomnia all night last night. And when I did manage to fall asleep, it was very short lived ! I woke up so many times. For that I feel awful today.  I probably had about 4 hours all night. 

I feel so tired and angry today.  

Other than insomnia, most of the bad side effects have dissapeared. 
7pm-10:30pm and counting… Worst headache !!! Have taken 2 ibprofens, 2 paracetamol, got a massage from husband and still my head feels like it’s going you explode. I’m not a headache person so this is unusual. Must be the med. I have drank heaps of water. Still no luck. 

Last night I got a better sleep of nearly 8 hours and only woke up 3 times. 

Today I feel ok. 

I’m sitting on the couch and my heart is 69 bpm ! The lowest it’s been since starting this medication. 

Although I feel still slightly sluggish, I feel half motivated to get up and do stuff. I’m going to tackle the mountain of washing today and a general tidy of this house.  

I, as of today feel a difference in my mood. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means really any better, I just don’t feel as hopeless about life, which is good for 12 days in I guess. 

I guess increased motivation is a good sign also. I don’t know how I feel about concentration. Not really any improvement that I can notice.  

No anxiety today as of yet, but I did only take my pill 50 minutes ago! 

6pm: Today was crazy! I cleaned for hours straight and them went on a 5km walk. My motivation and energy was epic! Great day! 

Today even after almost no sleep last night due to bad anxiety from my fast heart beat, I still managed to wake up half ok. It wasn’t even that hard to get out of bed and get the kids ready. 

The whole day my heart has been around 110 bpm even when sitting and putting makeup on. It’s slowed a little just now while laying on the couch to 96bpm. At one point it was 123 bpm.

This med is definitely messing around with my homeostasis.  When I stand up I have greyed out vision and feel like fainting, to which I bend my head down real fast to relieve it. 

I went to my psychologist today as I do once a month and did those depression scales forms. Last time I was there my score was 49 for depression (which is severe apparently), however today it was at 32 (still bad, but obviously getting better) although i dont feel much different. 

As for adhd.  No improvement yet. 

As for anxiety. It has been very  bad throughought this afternoon