I started taking 25mgs 3 days ago.

For the first 2 days of 25 mgs I felt very sleepy during the day. Didnt move off the couch. 

I havent noticed any increase in focus yet. More of a decline in focus, even worse than usual, but i remember this at the beginning of strattera last time also. 
I also took a sleeping pill last night which made me even more “dopey”  today with a chemical hangover. And also my distraction is so bad. I go from one tast to the next to the next and forget about the last and again to a new one. Just writting this short piece on wordpress right now ive checked facebook twice, replied to a message and opened my calendar to input an event. Lol. Not even kidding. 

As for side effects, Ive had 3 hot flushes today, 2 lots of full body head to toe goosebumps and slight anxiety.  

My focus when driving is still so bad. I go into daydreams while driving every 2 minutes or so. Its so annoying.  I almost cannot snap out of them so I do worry I will crash one day. I dont drive on highways anymore for fear I will crash. 

Anyways. Thats all for today.