Just took first 10mg at 9:11am.

Finally, I have given in to the price and am going to pay for strattera. You cant put a price on normality. Although im a little anxious for the start up side effects, which last time consisted of worse concentration, drowsiness, panic attacks, sweats and more, i know that it is worth it in the long run. All those side effects will have dissapeared in a few weeks and i will feel normal again. I cant wait to feel anxiety free one day soon.  Im going to update my symptoms on here for my own personal diary, but at the same time anyone can read them and might find some comfort if they too are just starting Strattera. 


Todays first day on strattera seemed so different to my first blog last time i started strattera. 

I started the same 10mg dosage, but this time i didnt sleep all afternoon. I felt slightly sleepy 3 hours after taking it, along with the goosebumps all over body like reboxetine caused. Then later in the night i started to get tingling and itching and a crawling skin sensation all over my entire body. I didnt experience this last time either. Then in bed, every time i closed my eyes id have extreme panic and anxiety. Way stronger anxiety than i usually ever get on a normal day. I was terrified.  While laying in bed all i could think of is “omg im going to die, im havinga stroke or something… im never taking this again”. 

What a surprise to experience such a different set of side effects from the same dose and drug ive been on before.