Reboxetine did really nothing from my concentration.  

Helped heaps with motivation. 

Improved my depression by 60%

and I would have stayed on it if it weren’t for one ‘incompatible with life’ side effect. INSOMNIA.  A few days after my last post, I ‘WOKE UP’. I mean, I had so much energy and I did not sleep more than  3 hours per night, and that’s not even exaggerating. It was the worst thing laying in bed feeling wired and wide awake for the entire duration of the night bar 3 measly hours. There were also 3 episodes where i did 24 – 48 hours awake with no sleep in between. That was absolutely horrendous when you are a mother of 3. I’ve never been so effected by insomnia in my life. Just awful. 

For those wondering if Strattera  (atomoxetine) and edronax (Reboxetine)

Work the same? My answer is NO WAY!. 

Strattera helped immensely with concentration, motivation, mood, attention to detail etc. Whereas reboxetine actually made my concentration worse. But motivation was good. My mood was definitely improved. It certainly helped my depression without a doubt. 

Strattera is still without a doubt, hands down my miracle drug. 

After putting myself through this just to save money, Ive have decided to bite the bullet and buy Strattera at full cost. 

I want to go back and study, and that would have been impossible with no sleep from reboxetine. 

I have booked an appointment with a psychiatrist for 2 weeks time and will be getting a new script for Strattera. I’m so excited to get my life back on track. I’m going on Strattera and I’ve decided I’m never coming back off it ever again.  

I will be back to post about my strattera “take 2” and if it works as well as it did for me the first time or not for my study.

Until then, take care =)