So after being kept up for hours last night by the neighbours who weren’t home – dog that was barking. I managed to sleep in until 8:50am. That’s the latest I’ve slept since starting this med. I also still woke up multiple times through the night. 

Today I’ve felt so lethargic. It’s like I’ve reverted back to the sleepy stage when first starting this med. I guess I keep having good energy and bad energy days. I’m so exhausted right now, and have had those weird all over body tingle goosebumps again. Will this medication ever level out? Probably doesn’t help with the drinking I did the other night. So silly of me. 

I’ve had this weird chemical smell coming from inside my nose all day. It’s there constantly.  It’s really bothering. 

I have heaps of congestion still. Not sure if it’s med related or just my shitty sinuses. 

I have felt zoned out today. Attention is poor. Finding it hard to stay organised and stay on task. And I had some anxiety this afternoon too.  

Not much more to report other than constipation.