Today I was in a good mood for most of the day. Actually, a really good mood, and actually felt really happy, bubbly and energetic despite the fact I drank a lot last night. I don’t want to make drinking a regular occurance though because all through the night i woke up having my negative thoughts again. (What happened to the head cold and scratchy throat I thought i had coming on?!) I had a really bad night sleep because even though I drank heaps, they were cola and rum so the caffiene didn’t help the insomnia effects this medication causes. All up I got 6 hours or broken sleep. 

I really am not nothing any ADHD improvements. 

And my appetite is getting worse. I can’t stop eating junk and am putting on weight! Damn. 

My heart rate on this med is still really inappropriate for the most part. Averaging around 110 bpm!! Even while sitting. And the standing up and feeling like fainting is a bit annoying. 

That’s all for today.