So today I woke up with a head cold in the middle of summer. Yay. =(


I guess this is why I have had headaches since yesterday. 

Not much to report on reboxetine side effects. Although the I am experiencing the “dreamlike ” feeling like was on Strattera at the start. That went away on Strattera after after couple of weeks. 

ADHD: No noticeable improvements. 

Depression: definitely a difference as of last couple of days. It’s hard to notice big changes because it’s so gradual, but I don’t feel as in a deep dark mental hole as I did. My thoughts of negativity and guilt would spiral downward and out of control, but now when I start to have a negative thought, it suddenly just “cuts off” kind of hard to describe, but it’s just like I forget the negative thought all of a sudden and start thinking about different things. I don’t try to do this. It just happens. Weird. I’ve never experienced this on any other antidepressent before. They were all SEROTONIN meds and I guess because this one is NORADRENALINE, I guess it makes all the difference.  I really must lack that noradrenaline chemical a bunch. I never felt my mood lift on the serotonin meds. 

As for anxiety. Haven’t experienced that in a few days.

11:30pm: Probably not the best thing to do when you are sick with a cold…..drank 9 rum and cokes over the course of 4 hours. Going to not sleep from all the coke caffiene and going to feel unwell tomorrow. Yay me. I’m so stupid!