Last night I got a better sleep of nearly 8 hours and only woke up 3 times. 

Today I feel ok. 

I’m sitting on the couch and my heart is 69 bpm ! The lowest it’s been since starting this medication. 

Although I feel still slightly sluggish, I feel half motivated to get up and do stuff. I’m going to tackle the mountain of washing today and a general tidy of this house.  

I, as of today feel a difference in my mood. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means really any better, I just don’t feel as hopeless about life, which is good for 12 days in I guess. 

I guess increased motivation is a good sign also. I don’t know how I feel about concentration. Not really any improvement that I can notice.  

No anxiety today as of yet, but I did only take my pill 50 minutes ago! 

6pm: Today was crazy! I cleaned for hours straight and them went on a 5km walk. My motivation and energy was epic! Great day!