Today even after almost no sleep last night due to bad anxiety from my fast heart beat, I still managed to wake up half ok. It wasn’t even that hard to get out of bed and get the kids ready. 

The whole day my heart has been around 110 bpm even when sitting and putting makeup on. It’s slowed a little just now while laying on the couch to 96bpm. At one point it was 123 bpm.

This med is definitely messing around with my homeostasis.  When I stand up I have greyed out vision and feel like fainting, to which I bend my head down real fast to relieve it. 

I went to my psychologist today as I do once a month and did those depression scales forms. Last time I was there my score was 49 for depression (which is severe apparently), however today it was at 32 (still bad, but obviously getting better) although i dont feel much different. 

As for adhd.  No improvement yet. 

As for anxiety. It has been very  bad throughought this afternoon