So, took the pill at the usual. 

Have not noticed any improvement with ADHD symptoms. My attention to details is extremely poor still. Just silly little things like filling my pill box up, I forgot to full Sunday up so only filled boxes Monday to Saturday, so on Sunday night when I went to take my second pill, there was no pill in Sunday box and I began to question had I have lost time? Did I take it without realising .. or double dosed? But I came to the conclusion I must have just not filled that box. Seriously! I’m so stupid. I hate myself. 

Another stupid thing I did was sent my kids to school today with no spoons for their yogurts. Gosh i feel so stupid.

Slight anxiety last night, but non so far today.  

As for depression, it hasn’t made a difference. I’m terrified this drug isn’t going to work for me. 

I can’t handle being depressed. I’m so moody and aggressive with everyone  (was like that before this drug) and am probably a bit worse since being on it.I just hope this works. It takes approximately 2 weeks for this drug to start working from the therapeutic dose. So seems I am only 3 days into the therapeutic dose, there is still a slight bit of hope. 

I’m feeling soooo tired on this. I could lay down right now and snooze. 

Most people’s main complaint on this medication is insomnia. 1 in 10 people on this med experience this. Why and I so tired and finding it easier now to fall sleep than before this med!? I have you say one thing that is different is the fact that when laying isn’t bed, I’m not stiff. I seem to be able to totally relax in bed. I haven’t been able to get comfy isn’t bed for years. It must be somewhat helping ease tension/anxiety.

Another thing I also feel is closer to my husband. I feel like is love him even more. I don’t know how or why!? Perhaps it slightly is easing depression to the point where I am not as number to my emotions? 

My heart rate is still crazy high. I’m sitting on the couch and it’s 97 bpm.