So I took my first 4mg whole pill at 9:10am. 

I’m not looking forward to all the fresh side effects again.  

ADHD: So far, no effect on attention and focus. 

Anxiety: didn’t have any yesterday, but the day before was horrendous. 

Depression: I have no idea how I feel. I just don’t know. 

Within 40 minutes of taking full 4mg pill I started to get those weird goosebump things again. I’m so not looking forward to the emotional rollercoaster all week. 

I’ve had a headache all day around the same time the goosebumps started.

Got very sleepy in the middle of the day. Felt drowsy for a couple other ours but managed to go out for dinner at a steak house and even had 2 wines. 

Took second 4mg pill at 10pm due to getting home late. Hopefully tomorrow goes easy on me.