So I went to bed at 9pm last night. I didn’t have much trouble falling asleep, but I did wake up multiple times through the night. 

Woke up 6:45am. Didn’t have to drag myself out of bed, but at the same time I wasn’t exactly fresh feeling either. Kind of in between. 

Took pill at 9am. 

No energy today. I can’t work out why though? I should feel good by theory. Maybe all the times I work up last night really had a big impact. 

No anxiety. 

Kind of fractious and aggressive. 

Keep having brown drainage from the back of my nose. My headaches might actually be a sinus infection, and not a side effect of meds. 

5pm. Have been extremely aggressive and irritable today. My poor husband is copping it. I also feel sheer exhaustion. Fatigue. Tired. Solmonence. Feeling aweful.