So, after my very last post in 2013, I had quit Strattera to have a baby, and because it wasn’t cost effective at $115 per box I never went back on it. 

I feel total sadness when I read back on these blogs of mine and see how amazing I was doing on Strattera , compared to the emotional mess I am today. 

I went on to fall pregnant and have that baby i mentioned – who is now almost 2.5 years old, but being off all medication since 2013, my mental health has severely declined. 

Not only are my ADD symptoms severe, my anxiety has came back 10 fold and is more persistent than ever. Now I also have severe depression.  

On Saturday 4/2/2017 I will start Edronax (Reboxetine) which is an NRI (norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor),  chemically similar to Strattera (atomoxetine), which is also and NRI.

Although it is clinically prescribed for depression, it has proven in multiple studies to be effective in the treatment of ADHD. And I’m also hoping it will cure my anxiety like Strattera did, and also somewhat lighten my mood. 

The patent by eli and Lilli on  Strattera ends on the 26th of may 2017 (FINALLY), and then other companies can make generic versions of it, to which I will snap up ! Until then, $30.99 reboxetine will have to be it. 

I will post updates daily at the start and as much as I can as time goes by. 

I’m so anxious about starting this. I really hate the adjusting to new meds thing. The panic attacks that come along with it etc. I’m having anxiety thinking about the due anxiety. Fml.