Well folks, sorry for the long break!
As you know, since being on Strattera I started studying a course and had major improvements in my adhd…..

GUESS WHAT!!! For the FIRST time ever!!!!! I completed something! I finished my course and have graduation in 3 weeks! I’m so stoked and happy!

For the entirety of me being on that medication, my anxiety went away 100% for the first time In my life. No other medication has ever been able to do that.

Anyways, since my course is over, I stopped strattera today (as it costs me $115 a box and I can’t afford to use it when I’m not needing it to study) that is really unfortunate though because it helps my anxiety 😦

Since stopping strattera yesterday, I have noticed some withdrawal symptoms..

Feeling down
Insomnia (it’s just about 2am now)
Difficulty concentrating
And derealization

I’m terrified that my full blown panic attacks are going to come back now I’m off this med… Fingers crossed they don’t.

I am also off birth control and hope to taper off my citalopram too as I plan to have a baby as soon as I can.

Will update you on any further treatment I do…

I think strattera is amazing.

Xoxoxo xox
Take care all.