Took strattera 18mg at 11:20 this morning.

So far, so good. Not really any side effects.

……..Although, yesterday I had a midday nap and when I woke I was just laying there for a while and decided to roll in bed onto my side.. After doing that my heart “raced” for 10 minutes straight, not only was it fast, it was a very heavy thumping beat! It was unnerving and I was relieved when my heart suddenly jumped into a normal rhythm! And when i say sudden, I mean it went from racing to a sudden split second and my heart beat was no longer noticeable! Freaky!

As far as focus goes… Would you class this as an improvement?

LET’S START OFF BY ME TELLING YOU THAT IM AT ABOUT A GRADE 5-6 primary/junior school level in maths (sad, I know)!

…and for me to look at a page of algebra, its like me trying to read another language!

Well, I decided to test this medication and google “how to do algebra”, and after a day of practice, I “get” ‘basic’ algebra! I thought I’d never say that in my lifetime! And not only do I get it, I find it unbelievably simple!

I owe it to the fact that I was able to focus on it long enough to take some knowledge in and work from there!

So far I’m feeling positive about this medication 🙂