Had a late night last night so day 4 is started with a very tired Samantha!
Took Strattera 10mg at 10:30am

Have really been having trouble with my concentration more so since being on this medication, and am having a lot of trouble pronouncing words and I’m actually ‘mashing’ words together…
Eg. of this is tonight I sad “yeah, I bought them from ‘karget’ instead of saying ‘Kmart’ I mashed Kmart and target together! That was just one example! I did this with all different words all afternoon and all throughout the evening…. Weird!

I was very restless again today and couldn’t stop cleaning or doing SOMETHING that contained walking and constant being up and about.

I ‘worked out’ for an hour on my stationary bike today and it felt amazing, almost euphoric, I don’t usually feel this way! Maybe the meds with exercise creates a strange reaction?