Well all! Bupropion was a big “flop”!
It’s initial effects were of somewhat significance, but they soon wore off fast!

The final straw leading to my discontinuation of the drug was when my heart rate was at 140BPM last week. I went to the drs and it took along time to drop down to a “normal” persons heart rate!

My conclusion is that BUPROPION/zyban/wellbutrin is NOT effective for the treatment of ADHD, and only has a mild improvement on the course of adhd.

Well all, that drug was discontinued a week or so ago, I’m now starting (as of today) a new drug “Stattera” which is an actual ADHD – FDA approved medication for it. Just took it today 16/June at 10:45AM(10mg). 10mg first week, then 18mg the next, then 25mg the next, then I think 40mg after that, then 60, 80, 100 etc!

I will now blog about this new journey on Strattera on this same Bupropion blog:)