Well today has been a much better day. I’ve felt productive and managed to have a good chat to a mother with similar problems to me.

Today my mood had been mostly fine. Come night time though, I’ve been going through waves of being normal, and waves of depression and hopelessness. This sad waves seem to come on around the same to each night… It always seems to happen when the meds are wearing off for the day.

I managed to stick to my diet again today! 3 days successful so far. It sux though as I’m laying in bed with hunger pangs. I wonder how long it’s going to take me to fail this attempt at a diet.

Did just over an hour of an exercise workout on my stationary bike today.

All evening as well as the waves of sadness, I’ve had waves of anxiety and a near panic attack. I managed to “talk” myself out of the panic attack before it was “full blown”, and that’s something I haven’t usually been able to do.

Sorry about my depressing post last night, my head really was in a different place! Quite scary really!

Well it’s 10pm, night all. X