Hi folks,

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days. I have just been caught up in too many distractions of late and have felt too tired to sit down and write. Also, not many symptoms, side effects or improvements have stood out of late, it’s all been pretty quiet.

Over the last few days I have been sporadicly anxious. I guess i can attribute It the fact I have also decided I want to look for some part time work because money is tight these days. I am so scared that if I get a job “what if I have a panic attack at my new job?” “What if everyone thinks I’m crazy?” And just the fact of being at work and having to commit to work makes me terrified! Like on days while I’m at home and I have panic attacks and I can just “breathe it out” and take my time to calm down and wait for the anxiety to pass. You can’t do that at work!

My concentration, has been at its worst lately.. I don’t know why, but it’s shocking! Just making so many careless mistakes. What’s wrong with me at the moment? Why is my ADD so bad of late?

Well I’m off too sleep now
…SOOO tired. 10:10pm

Night all xo