Took pill at 9:40am.

I’m feeling rather “down” today..
It has sort of come out of nowhere.
I have avoided people today and haven’t gone to one of my weekly commitments today.

My friends are all so wonderful, and they do so much for me..but for some reason, I don’t feel like talking to any of them. They keep asking me to do things with them and I just avoid, avoid, avoid! I feel bad, but at the same time, I just don’t want to talk to any of them for a long time.. This is just how I’m feeling today, maybe I’ll feel different tomorrow.

1pm- chocolate fix!
Then chocolate all throughout the afternoon! I think I have a problem!

5:30pm-just finished a 30 minute exercise bike ride.

7:30pm-dizziness, weakness.

8:20pm- stomach cramps, anxiety & tired!

Feeling very irritable this evening.. Very cranky, and even noises were extremely bothering.

I can’t stop eating! I ate so much chocolate today, an after dinner, apple pie with cream and fruit!

Maybe all this is PMS coming on??

ADD IMPROVEMENT?? Not really. I am on the lowest therapeutic dose for my age group though. I will bump up my dose in a couple of weeks and then see how I go!

8:45pm-I have extreme anxiety right now! I feel dizziness and weakness and I’m freaking out! I feel like its something wrong in my neck. I think my neck is out of line and my right arm feels funny and weak.