Took Bup. at 9am

Off to a theme park today.

Most of my day was uneventful. Had my normal appetite back…

I have been having sudden bouts of somnolence off an on throughout the day. Not fun while out at a theme park.

7pm… Strange “head zap” sensation and generally feeling strange.

7:10pm.. Shortness of breath, sudden fecal urgency and panic. These attacks are so scary. I can’t understand what is causing my shortness of breath!? I know anxiety can cause shortness of breath if your hyperventilating… But I’m not hyperventilating! What the hell is going on?

I just had a thought… Maybe, just maybe..

I think I may have found a link between these “attacks” and chocolate!

Tonight about 30-to-40 minutes before I had an “attack” I ate a massive amount of chocolate! Now thinking back to the night before, it would have been the same time period between eating a massive load of chocolate and last nights attack too!

Maybe I have a sensitivity to either the caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine or tyramine chemicals in chocolate? Will look into it. Will also blog every time I eat chocolate from now on!