Well today was pretty uneventful (side-effect-wise). Took pill at 9am..

Had lots of plans on today so even if there were subtle side effects, I didn’t notice them.

Tonight, dinner with people over my place. After finishing dinner, I was sitting at the table and had a massive episode of déjà vu! This has to bedroom this medicine bupropion because It because i have gone from not having déjà vu in many, many years to having it twice in a matter of days!

8:10pm. While watching a movie with the same people I had over for dinner, I have started to feel anxious, can’t breath properly and feel very tired all of a sudden. I have left them in the room by their selves and am lying down in my bed. I feel very scared. I hope I’m not going to die.

My anxiety passed 20 minutes later and I feel so much better now. It’s so horrible how anxiety rules my mind! It’s like I have absolutely no control over it at all… I can’t believe my anxiety is back 😦 the SSRI celexa I’m on was doing a great job holding my anxiety at bay, but since adding Bupropion… Well it’s obvious it’s causing it…