Took pill at 9:50am

Today was a great day! I had energy all day long, appetite was mildly suppressed and I thoroughly cleaned my house! I went crazy… Opening draws, pulling everything out of them, folding cables neatly and putting a zip-tie round them.. Just sorted so much stuff out! Something I haven’t done in years!

I’ve been so busy all day I’ve hardly had a chance to update this!

It’s been great feeling so productive today… And i have hardly eaten much. A bowl of cereal for breakfast, a salad and chicken sandwich for lunch (and naughty, naughty 2 rows of a chocolate block)! Hehe.

Dinner was naughty too! I had KFC 😦 damn! I was doing so well!

Come be time I felt restless and folded a massive load of washing. Eventually retiring to bed by 11:00pm.

Then to ruin my day I had anxiety! I couldn’t sleep, felt agitated and antsy.
Anxiety kept me up for another hour and a half! It was so horrible! I hate anxiety!