Went to sleep before 11pm last night! Whooo…hoooo!

Insomnia is going away, for a while there I thought I was doomed!

Took Bupropion at 9:20 this morning.

I have been keeping busy all morning getting house work done, and not because I had energy and felt productive, but because the house really was disgusting.

From 10am onwards, I had slow but steadily increasing anxiety that reached a peak at about 12midday and faded from then.

Have my normal appetite back :(…. Depressing… Pigged out on food all day.

2:30pm & no energy. Bored. Tired.
Have been clenching my since yesterday.

11:20pm Just had what I think was a mini panic attack…. I had a strange tightness come over my chest, I had significant fear (of death), I couldn’t get enough breath and I feel like I’m going pass out from being so tired.

And a bout of “ringing in the ears”, followed by a “smelling hallucination”… I could smell for an instant, a dirty baby nappy, it was a rotting smell that just came and lasted for like 4-5 seconds and then disappeared. Was really discussing… I hope that’s not an aura, or a precursor to a seizure. Wow, I really can’t handle this stress, and this roller coaster of moods and emotions. I really hope this drug works out for me because I don’t want to of just been put in this drug to go through all this horror for nothing.

Also today (and yesterday) I have begun to experience “involuntary jumping” in my legs… When I’m just sitting or lying down doing nothing, all of a sudden, my whole leg will twitch and move or jump by its self! It’s completely involuntary, and I have no warning it’s going to happen! Freaky!

1:10 am – tinnitus – apparently an extremely common side effect to this medication.. I wonder why?