After falling to sleep around 2am, and waking up at 6am, my eyes are dry and I feel like crap.

Took my Bupropion at 9:10am.

Today my kids aren’t going to kindy, so it’s the first day since I started this medication that I’m being left alone with them. I really hope I can cope and look after them with a minimal amount of anxiety. I have to drive yet again today to take them to “playgroup”… Still so scared of having a seizure.. Will this fear ever go away??

12:19pm, at home now watching a movie with my kids. I survived my drive to and from playgroup. While at playgroup, I felt like I had to control my fast talking, and had a brief moment in which I felt slightly anxious.

I have noticed I feel more creative, it’s really quite uplifting, giving me a new found sense of confidence. Ive noticed also, that I had focused better on all the conversations I had today, even with all the kids yelling and squealing at playgroup, I was still able to stay tuned, and understand what the other mums were talking about.

My appetite is Not very suppressed today, which is unfortunate.. I hope it goes away again. Not feeling hungry ls a side affect I like.

Apart from feeling deprived of sleep, I feel pretty damn normal right now. I definitely have more energy than I normally would. Slightly less today
because of yet another late night.

4:00pm and just woke from an hour and 30 minutes sleep. Managed to sneak it in while the kids had a nap. I feel much better for it.

I don’t have the energy rush now that I did the last few days. Kind of hoping it comes back. It’s been nice to have more energy with the kiddies.

Appetite came back with a full vengeance tonight! Ordered KFC… Ate so much 😦 I really hope I lose my appetite tomorrow.

I’m feeling slightly tired now 9.00pm… Wondering if I go to bed now, will I fall asleep? That would be really great considering I have to get up with the family for an ANZAC day dawn service in the morning.

Tonight I’m feeling very unfocused, more so then I am normally without any medication.. I wonder why? It’s making me anxious as I can’t focus even when reading the TV guide. I’m getting confused about whether I want to watch something or not. Or whether I’ve seen a show Or not. Even the name of the TV show show that I’m reading, I have to read it over and over to realise or understand/comprehend what I just read. Scares me a little. It’s like it actually hurts my head to think. Overwhelming.

I’ve been daydreaming a lot this afternoon, and just then looking for the new pack of toilet paper, I forgot what I was doing and was looking in the linen. Cupboard… Weird.