Im going to start day 2 with a rewind of last night.

After I finished blogging last night, I stayed very much awake until 1:05am. I fell asleep shortly after, only to wake up at 1:50am in a bout of anxiety. I woke up and as my anxiety got carried away, I started to feel that my legs and arms were tingling, and my head was vibrating. I’m sure that these are just my anxiety symptoms, and nothing to do with the medication. Although, I haven’t suffered anxiety for a while, so the anxiety could very well be from taking the Bupropion.

After about 30 mins of anxiety, my exhausted body gave in and I passed out, FINALLY.

I had no more interruptions in my sleep and woke up at 7am.

And that takes me to day 2:

Took pill #2 at 10am, 21.04.2013

Day two has started with me waking up feeling (not tired, what the?), I don’t feel wide awake, but I don’t feel like I could fall back to sleep at all. In fact I stayed in bed for a whole hour trying to force myself to sleep because I knew I have had no where near enough sleep I should be having. NOT A CHANCE. I feel so restless that its almost painful to lay in bed!

11:20am: here comes that horrid headache again… Also, I’m having random muscle twitches that I can see in my arm and leg.

So throughout the rest of the day, it went quite smoothly, my appetite was semi-normal. Come 3pm, I felt rather “restless”…

Just after 3 I went to my inlaws house and the whole time we were there I didn’t sit down, i had felt compeled to tidy and do stuff. I didn’t feel hyper, high on drugs or anything, just couldn’t bring myself to sit or relax! While they (the inlaws) were all in the front yard, I found myself getting my leather car seat cleaner out of the boot and cleaned the entire leather interior of my car.

Come 5pm, I had a funeral at sunset to attend.. That lasted 2 hours and of course was emotional. I felt a bit dazed while there.

At 7pm I began to feel slightly dizzy and off balance nearly tripping over.

Arriving home at 8pm, I’ve noticed a aching throat with a painful lump type of sensation.. I thought that was really weird so I did some googling and apparently that is a common side effect of this medication…how bizarre!

Now at 9pm, I feel really “kinda out of it”. I feel like I’m in a dream-like state, an everything around me seems surreal. When i am speaking I feel like I’m hearing my voice through a microphone or as if I’m hearing my voice from outside my body…it’s really quite frightening. I’m now getting anxious and feeling freaked out. I feel like I’m on a drug right now, and (I mean a street drug).. Weird. I hope this side effect goes away soon.

Even though I had minimal sleep last night, I, right now, feel very restless and feel like I’m going to be awake all night again 😦 I hope this goes away. I have a friend on this medication and he sleeps like a baby every night.

Just now 9:50pm, I’ve started to get a warm tingle sensation in my right eardrum and the sensation radiates down into the closest part of my throat on that same side. SO WEIRD! Never in my life have I felt this before.

12am and still not sleeping.. Started to get a weird tingling itch in my left hand on my pinky finger, the 2 next closest fingers and the right side of the palm. It is similar in resembling an itch but no matter how hard I scratch it, it doesn’t go away. It’s almost like a neurogenic itch!

Still no increase in my cognition skills and or improvement on my ADD symptoms.